Lindsay Waldrop

Lindsay Waldrop

I was born…in Fort Worth, Texas

My Playlist…is always upbeat and something that makes me want to dance! I do love Remixes, especially Pop, Hip-Hop and EDM! If you ever find a favorite remix send it my way!

One thing I cannot live without…my family ❤️ the health and fitness community and of course my weakness…Dark Chocolate (with almonds) so that’s 3🤷🏽‍♀️

When I was younger, I wanted to be…a dancer✅, an “inventor”, a “cooker”✅ish, a chiropractor ( on my way!) and a “Mama” (I’m a proud puppy Mama!)

I am inspired by…those who defy the odds and have the drive and self love to push themselves when others might not.

My favorite Lagree move is… lunges… but I LOVE well lunges the most! Never miss 🍑or core because no one ever complains about a nice 🍑 or core! Right😉!?

Post workout ritual is…Stretching, chatting and lots of water!!

Always…love and believe in yourself- everything happens for a reason and you’re the only one in control of your own life, feelings, emotions and actions.