lagreefitnessgraphic2The Body Lab is a Lagree Fitness Studio. The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity, low impact workout that can be adapted to work for everybody and is the perfect alternative to other HIIT options that can often damage joints. Lagree Fitness is a complete body workout that effectively combines resistance, endurance, core, and cardio training to safely stimulate strength, flexibility, and balance. And the best part is, it works for both men and women of all ages and abilities.

Yes, the Lagree Method is the choice of Hollywood’s elite and is highly celebrated by athletes. But it quickly becomes a healthy addiction for anyone who simply want the most kick-butt, shirt drenching and fun workout around. The 50-minute, intense total-body workout, done on the patented MegaFormer, uses slow and controlled movements with constant tension to work your slow-twitch muscle fibers until failure…yes, failure. This workout is unlike anything you’ve ever done and the results are amazing. Not only do you burn an average of 600 calories per class, but for the next 20-24 hours after class, your metabolism is increased so your body can repair its muscles.

Our Trainers Are Certified

Every one of our trainers have gone through Lagree certification. Their training program focuses on both the method and the science behind the method. Lagree sets itself apart from other fitness philosophies by emphasizing “the how” and “the why?”

The workout is designed for all fitness levels. It’s the job of our certified trainers to make sure that modifications are given, proper positioning is taking place and that you have an intense, challenging workout without risk of damage to your joints or muscles. With hundreds of moves and resistance options, every class is different and you will never get bored. Your body won’t plateau like it does with other workouts, because of the versatility of the exercises and the tension. After class, you will hate us. But then you’ll want to hug us….with your toned arms and tight abs, of course.

The Man and The Machine Behind The Workout

The Body Lab uses the Megaformer, which is Lagree Fitness’ second generation of fitness equipment and has over 30 patents. The Megaformer is designed to include all fitness levels, all ages, and all body types. The Megaformer is only sold to Lagree Fitness Licensees…that’s us!

Sebastien Lagree is the Founder of Lagree Fitness, a method that is licensed by over 300 fitness studios worldwide. Sebastien is continually cultivating and developing his method because he believes persistence is an essential quality of innovation. He currently holds over 53 patents on his method and is constantly experimenting, working, and trying to solve whatever goal or problem is in front of him.

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